Living and Loving Life On The Spectrum

Join Us On Our Journey
To Aufinity & Beyond


I’m a soon to be 30 year old, coffee-fueled mum to three scrumptious boys.
At some point in time I noticed our lives were a little different to that of your average family unit. Life wasn’t so straight forward for us and the penny did eventually drop and I knew then our family is rather special.


My middle son, was diagnosed with Autism (ASC) in December 2017 after a long wait for assessment. My eldest son was diagnosed with Autism (ASC) in May 2020 (mid covid lockdown!) Both boys have a Demand Avoidant Profile (Pathological Demand Avoidance if our county had the power to diagnose it!)
My youngest son is undiagnosed and it’s often difficult to tell what’s learnt behaviour and what isn’t.  Everyday brings laughter, excitement, tears, tantrums and challenges but it’s those moments which has bonded our family with pure and unconditional love.


I started blogging our journey to Autism Diagnosis in October 2016, having dug my way out of a very dark hole. Being a special needs parent can be draining, lonely, frustrating and for some a scary place to be. I was just an ordinary girl with three very young sons, I didn’t know anything about Autism when we our adventure began. I’d never had any SEN experience and words like PECS and EHCP’S were a language completely alien to me!

I was welcomed in to this incredible community of SEN parents, all in little boats, navigating the same storm together, leaning one another for friendship and support. All wanting the very best for the ones they love the most.

I learnt that you are not alone and being a mum to a child with special needs despite it’s challenges is THE most rewarding role on this earth. If I can help just one fellow Mum, Dad, Grandparent, Auntie, Uncle, Friend feel like they’ve got this stuff handled then it makes it all worth while.

Join us and follow our crazy busy life, juggling a multitude of school runs, work, shopping, activities, self care and personal development and let me share with you everything I learn about myself and parenthood along the way.


We got this!