Autism and The Chicken Pops Diary

Chicken pox. One of childhoods most common illnesses. His two brothers have had it and I had wondered how it would differ for Sonny when he caught it. Would it? How would it? Would it be harder for him, having Autism? His little brother Zachary was poorly with chicken pox two weeks before and I assumed him now knowing what Chicken Pox looked like, may help to prepare him. (Who was I kidding!)

Day 1

Yesterday, while stroking Sonny’s hair as I often do, I noticed a few bumps on his scalp. On a closer examination, they looked incredibly blister-like, but I put it down to perhaps having an allergic reaction or perhaps a bite. So he went to bed as normal having been somewhat irritable these last few days. He woke this morning and I noticed a few spots on his face and his neck. I lifted up his t-shirt and there they were in all their itchy, scratchy glory! At least 100 spots at first glance. I gasped and said ‘oh baby, look at you!’ He seemed okay in himself so we enjoyed the day indoors.


Day 2

I took Sonny up to bed last night armed with Calamine lotion and Piriton. I smothered his body from head to toe and although it was clear he was uncomfortable, he soon found a good position with his weighted blanket draped over him and fell fast asleep. At this point, I’ll be honest, I thought well this is easier than I thought it would be. I need to learn to keep my thoughts in check!

Less than 2 hours later, Sonny was awake and crying. I reached the top of the stairs to find him rocking back and forth on his hands and knees, crying, scratching and hitting himself.

‘This is CRAZY!… I don’t want to be spots!!… get it off me Mummy!!… help itch me Mummy!!’

I slept with him the entire night in his bed so its safe to say we’re all pretty grumpy this morning. Like a bear against a tree, Sonny is itching himself on anything, everything and in anyway he can.

Day 3

Sonny was up in tears again last night but he we did sleep better than the night before. He has chicken pox on his eyes and the inner of his eye lids which I am trying to keep clean. He won’t tolerate the sticky cream on his skin and the medicine “tastes disgusting like toothpaste.”

Were going to try an oat bath tomorrow. Just one of the ways I have been recommended to ease the itch which doesn’t involve lotion!

Usually sensory seeking, Sonny finds comfort in being close to me and is finding that difficult as he is so uncomfortable. He is weary of others catching his spots and will say sadly if wanting a cuddle ‘you get my spots mummy.’

Day 4

We have an extremely irritable Sonny this morning. No one can so much as breathe in his direction and the littlest of disputes have ended up in physical fights. Riley has been punched, I have had toys thrown in my direction and poor Zachary has had his arm bitten in a row over Lego.

We tried a soothing oat bath this evening and has made quite a difference already. We filled a sock with oats and tied it around the hot tap so the water flowed through the oats and into the bath. Sonny didn’t mind so much as he found the prospect of a sock over the tap very amusing. It made his skin very soft. One thing to remember is to give the bath tub a good wash afterwards to get rid of any oat residue.


Day 5

Sonny has woken up in a good mood today, much to our delight. The oats in his bath really helped to relieve the itching and if only I’d tried it earlier.

He is getting a bit fed up of being indoors, especially as it’s half term and the weather isn’t too bad. He is still a little confused as to why it’s a week day and he’s not at school. I have explained that it’s a ‘special mummy Friday’ which he’s happily accepted. He enjoys school but he loves to be at home with mummy more.


Day 6

Sonny’s spotties have all dried out now and scabbed over. He has so many on his little face, I don’t want them to scar. He has a few really big ones that we need to keep a close eye on, but other than that, we’re over the worst. Hooray!

We’re heading out for a nice walk this weekend as we’ve made a routine of doing every Sunday morning. It will be good to get them out into the fresh air and let of some of the steam they’ve had building up over the week. Just in time for going back to school!


I’m relieved that we had chicken pox over the half term. It certainly made things easier not having to get up and rush out anywhere. It was nice to slow down and enjoy time together at home with all of their things which to be honest, we don’t get to do that often.

Out of all three boys, it was Sonny I was hoping would come off the lightest. Instead he was more spots than skin. Chicken pox is one of those you just can’t predict. You don’t know it’s there until it is and there’s not a lot you can except hold on for the ride.

Sonny having Autism affected his coping mechanism and his sensory difficulties meant he struggled more than his brothers did.

We worked through it together with a few sleepless nights.

I’m just relieved that’s over and done with!

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I am actually jealous that your kids all got the chicken pox. None of my kids have had it because there is a vaccine for it, and where I live it is “mandatory” for kids to get this vaccine if they want to attend school. Well, I would much rather my kids get the natural form of chicken pox so that they will have a life time immunity for it. But even though my kids have never had the vaccine, no one around here has the chicken pox…so my kids can’t catch it. Frustrating. Anyway, glad to see your little guy is feeling better! #postsfromtheheart

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