January. 31 Days of Gratitude

It’s easy to get caught up in negative thought patterns and behaviours when the day gets tough. It only takes one thing to really get your goat and that’s it, it all spirals from there. Except I learnt that’s only IF you let it. One thing I always try to do is see the positive in everything, in everybody. It hasn’t always worked in my favour but one thing’s for sure, only when you recognise the great in every day and look back do you realise, life is actually quite wonderful.

I tried introducing a daily gratitude jar to use at home after introducing it where I work. I wanted to put in the children’s achievements and anything I was particularly proud of.
Thing is when life is busy, even well meant ideas like the gratitude jar can get forgotten. My gratitude jar last year was empty. I KNOW this wasn’t the case, there was so many things that happened to me last year that I am grateful for.

Start Each Day With A Grateful Heart

This year I’ve started bullet journaling. I briefly mentioned this in my last blog post and I will do a starters ‘starter guide’ to this very soon. It’s the most efficient way of having everything you need to be organised (mentally and physically) in one place. One of the components in my bullet journal is a section for a daily gratitude. This is combined with my monthly overview and gives me space to scribble down something positive in every day. Often when I have a great day it’s difficult to pick just one thing and that’s okay.
The more the merrier.


New Years Day at Kirsty and Marks. The Vicks and Chocolate incident (the toddlers) oops! Ginger gin. Sonny bonding time with Grandad. Riley and Grandma play hangman.

Thanks Jess for taking me home after work. Chill time with Joe enjoying a glass of wine.

Thank you Laura for looking after Zachary when the preschool was closed so I could get to work.

Hot cup of coffee all by myself while the boys were back at school and time with Joe on his day off.

Awarded £500 towards a Haven Holiday. Thank you so much Family Fund!!

Zachary doing well with potty training. Lots of wee wees and our very first poop on the potty. Hooray!

Chilled family day watching movies and a delicious Sunday Roast. Thanks Laura for the blue storage unit for Riley’s grown up toys.

Grateful for the Sainsbury’s sale! Lots of new clothes for the boys (how quickly do they grow!) Boys behaved amazingly today.

Lost my Grandad last night. I am grateful that I spent time with him during those last moments and that finally he is reunited with Nanny.

Tracey and Steve came down to visit. Thank you Beth and Laura for part covering me at work so I could spend some time with my family.

Zachary is doing amazing with potty training. Grateful for a new childminder on Tuesdays. Riley had a great first school swimming lesson.

Lovely morning spent with Jodie. I brought my first cut daffodils of the year.

Enjoyed an incredible half hour deep tissue massage! Letter from my dad. Zachary’s potty progress!

Spent the day with Joes parents. Thank you Grandad for fixing my bike, love Zachy.

Coffee morning with Jodie swapping ideas. Brand new bullet journal to start February with. (I have a stationary addiction. It’s dotted, that’s my excuse) Booked our haven holiday. 4 nights in Norfolk.

First day childminder collected Zachary from the barn. It was great to get ready for work in peace without all the rushing around.

Today has been challenging. I am grateful for good friends that listen when I need to get it off my chest.

Happy Birthday to me! Lovely cuddles from the boys this morning. Spent the day to myself (boys school, Joe work) cosy evening in. Sonny was brilliant in the dentist.

H&M shopping with my birthday vouchers, picked up a cute little black dungaree dress for the summer. Thanks guys at work! Coffee and cake with Mum, Sister and Zachary.

Quiet Saturday morning with the boys. I love Saturdays! Good chance to give the house a good clean and a little TLC.

It snowed! Okay so the rain washed it away shortly afterwards but still, it snowed!

Spent Monday morning at home working on a blog post while the boys were at school. Caught up with Laundry.

Great team catch up at work and a productive evening working on a project.

Change of scenery for me and Jodie for our weekly get together. Took a stroll round a shopping centre and picked up some beautiful pieces for mine and Joes bedroom. Minimal expense!

Despite going to the dentist this morning (I’m genuinely terrified) the lady I see is so patient and does really well to soothe my anxieties.

Researched PDA and had a bit of a lightbulb moment. Now to dig a little deeper and get school on board with new strategies.

Bills breakfast with the family. A good vegetarian option for me. Working towards a plant based diet.

Chilled Sunday at home with the boys. All played nicely together ending the day with a yummy roast. Grateful for Joes support when I got the news my paternal Grandad has too passed away on the eve of my maternal Grandads funeral.

A beautiful send off for my Grandad and a great supportive family gathering afterwards with good food and drink.

Greeted with a yummy fruit / nut bar by my lovely work colleague, another fellow work colleague brought me in a HUGE coffee and my lovely Joe surprised me at work with some chocolate. I got my Chiropractor to help loosen up my run down body with an adjustment. I try to fit one in every week.

Ending this month with all the kids at home for the day. We’re all full of flu (cheers for that one!) At least it’s forced me to slow down and spend the day at home.

What did January bring that you are grateful for?

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