Riddles and Rain in the Month of May

The walk to school takes us roughly 20 minutes and that’s on a good day. As tiring as the walk can be and no matter how many times I get frustrated with myself for why-oh-why not learning to drive pre children, the long walk in the crisp morning air is good for us.

We try to find ways of passing the time and make the walk to school appear quicker. If Sonny’s in a terrible mood we tend to just admire our surroundings and listen to the gentle humm of birds, cars and trains that fill our senses. Generally speaking they make a good distraction from any potential triggers.

One of the games we like to play is ‘I Spy.’ This can be a little challenging for Sonny so we try to keep it simple and limit it to when he’s feeling super happy. If Sonny can’t guess what his brother spies, I send a little wink to Riley who will then give him a clue. He’s always so happy when he gets it right. What I love the most is that Sonny tends to do the same each time.

‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with Buhhhh!’

We laugh quietly knowing he’s thinking ‘Buggy’ but we’ll say every other word beginning with B just so we can all enjoy a game where it doesn’t end in tears. After all, if there’s only a slim chance of winning, there’s no way Sonny will entertain it in the first place.

When the two bigger boys play together at home they tend to veer games and imaginative play towards Star Wars or Marvel Super Heroes. They love playing Lego games on the Xbox.

One morning on the way to school Sonny was chatting away about one of the characters in the Lego Batman game. He couldn’t quite say it well enough for me to understand but he explained himself which helped immensely. He said ‘he has a box with a question mark on it!’

Oh I see, The Riddler!

‘Do you know what a riddle is Sonny bunny?’ I told him it’s a bit like a puzzle and began to play a little ‘Who am I?’

I am big.

I have wings.

I have lots of windows.

I have lots of chairs inside.

I fly high in the sky.

I take people on their holidays.

Who am I??

Sonny shouted excitedly ‘An Aeroplane!!!!!!’ And thus our new favourite school run game was born.

The past few months have felt like a constant riddle. Sonny’s behaviour has yoyo’d an intense mixture of good days and not so good. No pattern. No warning. Just trigger and reaction, round after round. The hardest kind of riddle for parents like us to solve. He is struggling with school and I’ve got so much to think about. I can’t stand seeing him so distressed. So destructive. That’s my little boy, the one I gave birth to, who I’ve loved unconditionally every little step of the way.

It’s a slipperly slope the closer we get to the end of term. I should be used to it by now. Now the month of may is nearly over and half term is here, I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s refreshing to see the boys unwind, slow in pace and melt into a relaxed routine at home, free of the worries and woes a busy school term can place heavily on their shoulders.

I’m looking forward to a week or so free of meetings, phonecalls and crazy busy work schedules. Our holiday is getting ever closer too, after only being on two weekends away we’re braving 4 nights from home comforts. We’re busy prepping social stories and working out schedules to make it as stress free as possible.

Above all else, I’m just relieved to spend real quality time together where our heads aren’t quite so cluttered and the riddles are easier to decipher.

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Mum of three young boys. Sharing our family journey to an Autism and ADHD diagnosis.



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