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B R E A K F A S T  is indeed the most important meal of the day. It breaks the overnight fast and replenishes your body’s supply of glucose and other important nutrients. A good first meal fuels your body with enough energy to see you through to lunch. It’s been well documented that kids who eat breakfast generally have more energy and tend to do better in school.

I’ve always been open and honest about the challenges we’ve had with Sonny and school and the struggles we’ve had with his relationship with food. I’m happy to share a brief summary of his journey so far with those that are curious. (Especially to those that feel the need to comment on how ‘nicely covered’ Sonny has become this last year)
*Those are my words, not theirs.*

Regardless of the genetic make up of our children, Autism or not, all most parents really care about is that their children are happy and healthy. Sonny was extremely under weight for a long time, weighing only a stone and a half at the age of three. His baby brother, aged one, weighed a stone already!

I didn’t realise it then, but Sonny’s low tolerance for anything other than smooth and sloppy, beige and bland foods was probably the first inclination that Sonny was extremely sensory sensitive. He survived on a diet of porridge, ready brek, Weetabix, yoghurt, mashed potato, pasta and cheese. Luckily for us we could negotiate around fruits and vegetables because there were a few he didn’t mind eating. Whatever we could get him to eat was simply a blessing.


Out of all his preferred foods, I am most at ease watching Sonny tuck into his daily bowl of porridge. I feel comforted knowing that whatever the day may bring and whatever challenges he may face, he’s had a good, nutritious meal to start him off the best way possible.

H E A L T H Y    I N S T A N T    P O R R I D G E

Some call me super mum, trust me I’m not. Just an ordinary mum to extra ordinary children, doing her very best to keep everyone healthy, happy and alive whilst protecting my sanity at the same time.

I’m also a busy working mum of three busy boys and I often find it hard to find the balance between super healthy and super quick and easy. Breakfast is something we don’t cut corners on. Slaving over a stove making porridge is something I do un-begrudgingly if it means my boys go off with a nice full belly. On days where we are pushed for time, I stick little packet porridge in the microwave. See, told you, definitely not super mum!

T H E    G R E A T    B R I T I S H    P O R R I D G E     C o

I then came across The Great British Porridge Co who have created an extra ordinary porridge with 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Here’s the best bit, it’s instant.  All you need is hot water and it’s ready to go in 60 seconds, perfect for a quick nutritious breakfast before dashing out the door. Not only that but it’s also…

D A I R Y    F R E E
G L U T E N    F R E E
H I G H     I N     F I B R E
N O    A D D E D    S U G A R

V E G A N    F R I E N D L Y
1 1 %    P R O T E I N


The Great British Porridge Co currently have three different porridge options to choose from; Strawberry & Peanut Butter, Goji Berry & Pumpkin Seed and Blueberry & Banana. You can also buy a taster pack of all three if you just can’t decide.
Sonny chose blueberry and banana which is pretty amazing as he usually has just a splash of maple syrup. He was so excited to try his new porridge we had to add blueberries and banana to his usual bowl whilst we waited for his new pack to arrive in the post.


Sonny thoroughly enjoyed his porridge from The Great British Porridge Co, as  did I. Being dairy free, it can be tricky to find something quick to grab and go. I chucked one serving in a pot and it made a delicious snack to keep my energy and concentration up whilst I was working.

I’m just extremely happy that our new favourite porridge has opened up Sonny to trying new foods and different flavour combinations. That’s a definite win!


*We were kindly gifted our porridge by the Great British Porridge Co. All opinions are honest and entirely our own.*



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