Knebworth House | An Autism Friendly Dinosaur Adventure

Sonny has three main interests; cars, trains and dinosaurs. He seems to rotate these every few weeks or so but for the moment it’s dinosaurs.

His interests aren’t just general likes, they become obsessional. Sonny lives it and breathes it. He stomps through the house like a dinosaur making impressive prehistoric noises and always carries at least two figures, one in each hand, wherever he goes. He loves nothing more than to watch dinosaur videos on the iPad and look through his dinosaur encyclopaedias (yes more than one.) He memorises them by name and recites every fact about them. He is the go-to boy for dino knowledge.

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Luton Airport Fire Station | To Aufinity and Beyond

On Friday, Joe, Sonny and I took to the road. We had dropped Riley off at school to take the coach to the Peter Pan pantomime. Zachary went for a play at his Nanny’s house while we embarked on an adventure of our own. We’d been invited to Luton and Dunstable Airport Fire Station to meet some very special people.

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